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Philip Morris International Overview

Philip Morris International is the world’s number one tobacco company, marketing 8 of 15 top-selling international cigarette brands, while PMI’s largest Marlboro brand has been the industry’s overwhelming leader for several decades. Philip Morris International is the former overseas operating unit of Altria Group.

Philip Morris International Logo

PMI spoon off from Altria in 2008 and currently markets its products on international markets, while Altria is working at the USA market through Philip Morris USA.

On the international level the company’s major competitors are British American Tobacco Japan Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco.

Philip Morris International is the largest multinational privately-owned tobacco group across the world. And while sales of cigarettes are shrinking in the USA, making Altria struggle to keep the earnings coming, Philip Morris International is prospering thanks to constant revenue growth in Eastern Europe, Arab countries and Asia.

In 2011, company’s global drive brands were available in more than 180 markets, ensuring PMI the leadership place in the global cigarette market (except USA and China) accounting for 28% of the market, with its flagship brand occupying top position in the majority of markets.

Philip Morris International markets a wide variety of cigarette brands in premium, mid-range and low-cost categories, including both international and regional products.

PMI is divided into the following regional clusters:

  1. Western and Central Europe – comprising Germany, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Italy, etc.
  2. Eastern, Europe Middle East and Africa – comprising Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, South Africa, etc.
  3. Asia – comprising Japan, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.
  4. Latin America and Canada - comprising Canada, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, etc.

The company takes advantage of its significant geographic amplitude with outstanding presence in both developed and developing markets. Since the emerging markets, comprising Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East are demonstrating constant growth, PMI has been boosting its market presence in these countries through organic growth and introduction of a wide range of low-cost and mid value brands, such as L&M Chesterfield, Bond Street, etc. At the same time, despite some key markets in Western Europe, as well as Japan and Australia have been decreasing, they still account for strong revenues for the tobacco giant’s flagship brands, Marlboro and Parliament, which deliver higher profits through higher pricing.

Broad Product Portfolio

Philip Morris International offers its adult consumers various brands: Parliament in super premium segment, Marlboro and Virginia Slims in premium segment, L&M and Chesterfield in mid-value segment and Bond Street Red & White, and Next in low-cost segment, thus satisfying the requirements of all categories of adult smokers.