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Cigarette Articles

Physical activity could help smokers to quit

According to a study physically active smokers could have a greater success quitting smoking than those who are more sedentary.

Researchers found that physical activity at all levels reduced nicotine cravings. Even a regular brisk walk could assist someone trying to give up cigarettes, the findings suggest.

Yoga can help smokers to quit

In a research was showed that from 23,000 Canadian smokers 36% of physically active men were more likely to have tried to quit smoking within the past year and 37% of women were also more likely to do so than their less-active peers were.

All smoked 10 or more cigarettes a day. The study found that 10 to 15 minutes of physical activity reduced cravings for at least 20 minutes.

An expert said: “Previous studies have suggested that participating in one healthy behavior, such as physical activity, may lead to the adoption or maintenance of another positive behavior, such as smoking cessation.”

From those smokers which were studied about one-quarter were physically active.

And also more of them were likely to be male and single that began smoking at a younger age, smoked fewer cigarettes per day and that tried to quit smoking more often than their inactive prototypes did.

Physical activities could help the smoker to kick the smoking habit but researchers are not yet sure that this is a good method to quit for all smokers.

According to Jennifer McClure, Ph.D., an associate investigator at the Center for Health Studies for the Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, some smokers will use physical activity as an excuse to continue smoking.

“There’s some caution to be used here because we don’t know how well would work.

By telling people you can use physical activity as a harm-reduction means, this could delay or deter their efforts to quit smoking,” McClure said.

Jennifer McClure had the opportunity to speak with smokers who told her that physical activity assist in their smoking cessation.

She added: “These individuals were, at one time, hardcore smokers who began walking several times throughout the day.

As physical activity levels increased, they found they were smoking less until they eventually quit smoking altogether.”

All smokers could help calm cravings for a cigarette by simply taking regular brisk walks whenever they feel the urge to smoke.

Next time when you are thinking about going for a cigarette break, better think why not go for a walk break.