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Cigarette Articles

Japan Tobacco getting low cost LD cigarettes to U.S.

Japan Tobacco Inc. (JTI) is getting innovative low-priced cigarettes to the United States.

The $2.81-a-pack price for LD cigarette brand even comes close with Marlboro at $4.92 and sets it in status to struggle with low cost brands L&M at $3.69 and Pall Mall at $3.49.

LD Cigarettes

The red, blue, green and silver packs of cigarettes having the LD logo are element of a strategy to give the world’s second-biggest cigarette firm a toehold in the profitable U.S. market. Nearly all of JTI’s about $22 billion in sales come from outside the United States.

In 2016, LD cigarette brand evolved into the first worldwide brand released by the Geneva-based firm in the United States. The firm told that it is examining the cigarette’s attractiveness in North Carolina and South Carolina and, according to its performance, will release the brand countrywide as soon as next year with 10 style variants.

JTI is the market-share leader in the United Kingdom and Japan with brands such as Winston and Camel, which it purchased the non-U.S. rights to in 1999 for $7.8 billion. It has a small presence in the United States with low-cost brands Waves and Wings.