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Cigarette Articles

Reynolds Tobacco Keeps Camel and Pall Mall Positions Stable

RJ Reynolds Tobacco (RJRT) market share for major cigarette brands like Camel, Pall Mall or Newport was practically the same in 2016. As for the entire RJRT market, share it also remained unchanged. During the year, RJRT volume went up by 8.1 billion sticks to 79.4 billion sticks, mostly due to the Lorillard acquisition.

Camel and Pall Mall cigarettes

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco volume went up by 13.6 % last year to 5.4 billion sticks. The manufacturer of Natural American Spirit covered over 2.2 % of the entire US cigarette market in 2016. Moist-snuff volumes at Reynolds’ American Snuff branch went up by 0.8 % to 502.9 million cans. American Snuff products covered 33.4 % of the moist-snuff market.

Adjusted operating revenue at Reynolds American increased by almost 1/3 to USD 5.9 billion on sales that accumulated 17.1 per cent to USD 12.5 billion. The profits mainly were due to the acquisition. US industry volume in the last business quarter dropped 4.2 %, based on Reynolds.