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Cigarette Articles

Smoking in New York costs more than anywhere else in country

Cigarette smoking costs more in New York State than anywhere in the country.

It costs more out-of-pocket to light up in New York than at any place in the country - almost $195,000 over a lifetime of smoking.

Cigarette Smoking In New York State

Experts determined the possible financial loss - such as the lifetime and yearly expenses of a cigarette pack each day, health care costs, revenue losses and other expenditures - caused by smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.

It costs in New York State more than $2.3 million for a person who uses cigarettes per day from age eighteen to 69.

The American Lung Association belittled New York State for not being able to bring into action a 'Tobacco 21' legislation which would increase the sale of cigarettes to those over age 21.

Chautauqua County already has approved such legislation and association officers went to Albany to lobby for its passage across the state. The association presented the state an A grade for its extensive smoke-free regulations.